Garth Hagerman Photo/Graphics
Garth Hagerman Photo/Graphics

Print Design

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Once upon a time, a long, long time ago (it was 1998) I enrolled in a desktop publishing course at my friendly neighborhood community college. I was going to learn how to use page layout software so that I could make brochures promoting my nature photography and calendars using my nature photography. PageMaker (yes, this was a long time ago) led to Photoshop, and the two together diverted my life in several directions at once.

A few years later, after several more college courses and many hours of independent exploration, I found myself doing posters and programs for performing arts groups and business cards, brochures, and catalogs for small businesses, and yes, the occasional nature photography brochure.

In recent years, I’ve expanded more into the book realm. Advances in printing technology have made various forms of micro-publishing viable, and I’ve helped several small- and medium-scale writers publish their work. Not only do I design the covers, graphics, and typography, but I also do the projects’ layout, plus I can proofread and edit the text. So, instead of hiring several expensive specialists, authors can affordably hire me to fill in the gaps of their skills.

Print Gallery

I’ve created a Print Design Gallery for some of my print projects. You can get some sense of the range of my print work from these images.

Displaying print projects in a portfolio/gallery format poses a bit of a problem for me: most of the projects are collaborative, so after a while it’s often unclear how much of the work is really truly mine. While some of the projects are my babies from start to finish, other times I work with a client to render a almost-fully visualized project into a file which can be sent to the printer. At the very least, I did the layout for all of the projects in the Print Design Gallery.