Garth Hagerman Photo/Graphics
Garth Hagerman Photo/Graphics

Family Research

I've done a lot of genealogical research over the years, and compiled and cannibalized the research of others along the way. I find looking into my roots is a fascinating window into history. The bulk of the results of this research quest is in my family tree sub-site, built with a open source tool called WebTrees. This sub-site tracks all of the branches of my tree back as far as I could go. It includes many photos and source documents.

My blog contains several posts on genealogical topics. Usually, these are longer stories than fit in the WebTrees format.

My great great grandfather, (my mother's father's mother's father, to be more precise) Samuel Oliver Bereman, fought for the Union in the 4th Iowa Cavalry. He left an excellent journal of his adventures. Some years back, I received a typewritten transcript of his journal. I used optical character recognition software to convert it to digital text, and posted it. It's been used by several researchers for school projects, books, and at least one documentary movie. It's a good read for anyone with any interest in Civil War history.

I've also posted some of my aunt, Beth Searle Alexander's, family histories

H.F.Y. & C.A.B.; A Genealogical Journey

I've assembled a book about my mother's mother's branch of the family, the Barnard and Yeatts families of Patrick County, Virginia. I only printed a few dozen copies for cousins on that branch of the tree, but you can download the book in pdf format for free.

The lower resolution version uses more compression to produce a smaller file (7.3 MB). It's suitable for viewing on your computer.

The higher resolution version is printable. It's a larger file(73 MB) and it will take longer to download, but the photos look better.

I hope to be able to create the other three volumes of a complete set of my family tree. Are there any cousins out there who have the interest and wherewithal to help fund part of the project?

The Beremans, around the start of the 20th Century
The Beremans, around the start of the 20th Century