All of the guides to resume writing agree on one thing: job seekers should be very clear about exactly what sort of job they're seeking. With my non-traditional outlook and diverse set of job skills, that's not really feasible. I will attempt, however, to outline the types of jobs I'm interested in and the criteria I use to evaluate the desirability of various possibilities.

Current situation

At present, I live on the Mendocino Coast of California. I'm self employed, with a number of web site, photography, and print design clients. This keeps me busy, but it's mighty hard to make a living in this lightly populated area with a weak economy. I am open to a wide range of possibilities for short-term contract work or long term, full time employment. While I'm not eager to move away from the Mendocino Coast, I would consider re-locating for the right job.

Full-time employment

What constitutes the "right job"? For full time possibilities which require moving, I have four questions.

Doing what?

If you've looked through my resume and portfolio, you realize I'm a unrepentant generalist. I like doing a variety of tasks and learning new stuff. The right job will touch on one or more of my major interests, it will use several of my existing skills, it will encourage me to refine those skills, it may push me in new directions.

For whom?

The employer and the product are very important. The employer should do something that I find interesting; it should make the world a better place in some humble way; and it should treat its workers, its customers, and the planet well. Some possible types of employers are performing arts companies, outdoor gear, plant nurseries, scientific/educational goods, books, magazine publishing, left-leaning political action, and on and on.


It's not entirely coincidental that I've been living on the remote Mendocino Coast for the last ten years. There's a lot here like. I prefer small towns or rural areas to big cities, and cool climates to hot ones. I'm an avid hiker, so access to large, publicly accessible, undeveloped areas is important.

For how much?

Until those first three questions have been answered, the answer to this one doesn't mean much. I don't expect to get rich, but I'm not moving accross the country for a minimum wage job, either. I do expect a decent living wage for the cost of living in the local community, plus a good health care plan and other elements of a reasonable benefit package.

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